Khaled Al-Dahab, the Egyptian international photographer, won the first prize in photography for his participation in the London Biennial held in the city of Chelsea from January 23 to 26. Khaled Abu Dahab also won the third place in the digital arts world, and gave the winning picture of the mayor of Chelsea, who expressed his admiration for the image. The photo of Khaled Abu Dahab, winner of the Biennial in which 133 countries from all over the world participated, entitled “Open Doors” and contains 100 doors grouped in one picture. The London Biennial is one of the most important art events in the world; this year it hosted a number of paintings by international artists. The Egyptian photographer is famous internationally in the field of photography, where he studies in a number of European countries. Khaled Abu Dahab was also awarded the Italian Biennial Award in the Italian city of Qianchaoono in 2013, and he taught a workshop on the sidelines of the London Biennale this year, and was attended by 150 artists from around the world.