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About Niche Magazine:

Bebrand Advertising Agency is proud to present the English Niche Magazine as its second unique production. Niche Magazine is printed quarterly and distributed exclusively throughout the year at high-end locations among hotels, restaurants, head offices, VIP lounges at the airports, etc. Inspired by our four main moods of the year, every issue is characterized by a certain theme and an exquisite spirit the award, the summer, the business, and the Christmas. Its soul concept is to reflect an elitist and elegant way of life to attract our type of audience presenting an attitude of luxury on every page of the magazine. Niche content highlights what interests our elite society giving them classy designs and extraordinary ideas. Niche Magazine is a way to reflect our audience’s outstanding entities, achievements, and goals to the crème de la crème of our community.

Niche Vision:

Portray & showcase the world's stellar Visions of Luxury on the most luxurious popular platform of gold.

Niche Mission:

Cheering, awarding & developing the mavens of their luxurious fields as well as the genius sparks of innovation and intelligence through our national & international media avenues.


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