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Niche proudly sponsoring TDS 2021

Featuring The Design Show in 2021, a brand-new perception is being introduced within the coming version altering the event from focusing only on the residential business sector, to projects and commercial business sectors as well. Witnessing a remarkable booming in construction and real estate sector in Egypt which is expected to stay on an increasing path of massive construction plans will with no doubt result in a high demand from investors for luxurious and deluxe housing with the most advanced designs. Accordingly, this has promoted The Design Show to satisfy the essential request of investors and all of that in one place to reflect the pursued modernized look of the country. The novel perception of TDS is driven by the remarkable success of the event's old concept which has allowed exhibitors to seize all unique business opportunities. Niche Magazine is delighted to be taking part in the in this new phase and honorably announces media sponsorship for The Design show 2021 taking part in showcasing and awarding the latest innovations in architecture & interiors which serves investors for luxurious and deluxe residential, industrial and commercial units. We sat down with TDS to enlighten us more about the event's vision & objectives. When and How did TDS start? could you tell us more about the first event? THE DESIGN SHOW started few years ago to be the premier and solely event for interior designers & architects in Egypt and MENA region. THE DESIGN SHOW was envisioned to show-case the entire spectrum of interior, exterior, architectural and products latest design trends. Its first round was on 2016 where it covered the integral design practices and services for residential projects firstly then its innovations rises year after year to a dynamic rapidly-growing business environment. What are the objectives of TDS? Mainly THE DESIGN SHOW creates space design business culture within comprehensive high performance practices and encourage innovators to present their solutions to the challenges of design business in Egypt. THE DESIGN SHOW also enriches the Egyptian designs sector with the communication it needs, as well as the exchange of thoughts THE DESIGN SHOW became the design hub for the MENA region that attract investors & business owners from international lands outside of Egypt to cooperate with the Egyptian architects and interior designers. How does TDS help in introducing architecture, fitting solutions, interior & product design novelties? THE DESIGN SHOW will attract the leading names of design planners, architects & interior designers, products & furniture designers in addition to smart and fit–out solutions THE DESIGN SHOW makes your search for the right design services, product and suppliers easier and more effective. It helps clients save loads of hours searching for authenticated design planners and products, exchanging multiple communications to answer your questions, besides it gives you the advantage of negotiating best rates. At THE DESIGN SHOW, you can get many benefits at no cost. THE DESIGN SHOW is welcoming you to visit its 6th round on the 21st – 23rd of January 2021, Cairo International Convention & Exhibition Center, Nasr City