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20 years of bebrand

Bebrand advertising agency is celebrating 20 years of being in the business of creating brands. We took this opportunity to interview the CEO, Nady Ghaly, and take an inside look at the agency. When you first step foot into the office, you can’t miss the youthful, innovative vibes all over the place. From the walls decorated with posters and murals, to the young, energetic team. We sat down with Mr. Nady Ghaly, to ask him some personal and professional questions, wanting to learn from his expertise in the business for 20 years.

How did you become interested in the advertising field?

It all started when I was in university, at a group project. I was responsible for the marketing and advertising part of the project, particularly the way we branded and represented the product at hand. It was a very interesting experience for me and I’ve been developing a passion for the field ever since.

Tell us a bit about Bebrand, its vision and how it has evolved over the course of 20 years?

In the beginning, 20 years ago, our vision was simply to “create brands”, and hence came our name BeBrand. Over the years, as we researched, gained more experience and became more involved in the field, we geared our vision more towards the people behind the brands, our clients. And our mission evolved to become “Creating the happiest customer ever”, and with every new client we take on, we live up to that vision.

What is your personal motto?

And how does it reflect on the policies of your agency? I have always believed in people. The idea that, through Bebrand, I get to invest and develop in people gives me the drive to keep going and a reason to wake up every morning. I try to provide opportunities for young fresh graduates who are still quite lost in the advertising field, give them a bit of direction and help them reach their best potential. There are about 10 advertising agencies that are owned by previous Bebrand talents that I’m very proud of and maintain a strong friendship with to this day. Since we are on the topic of people, who do you consider to be your right-hand men in the agency? We all work as a whole, every single one of my people is essential for the development of the organization. I consider every one of our family, from the office boy to the operations manager as my partners, essential when performing their roles to the fullest. All members of Bebrand have got several things in common; I look for people who are invested, take initiative and are willing to learn and develop. I believe that when you have such powerful people backing you up, you will always succeed. What is a non-managerial role you enjoy participating in? Brainstorming for creative campaign ideas, it’s always fun to be a part of the process of coming up with great material, and I like the atmosphere itself and being surrounded by creative, youthful and energetic minds. We are in a very creative business, do you think certain values like commitment and punctuality should be compromised for the sake of a creative outcome? I’m a very firm believer in the saying “Commitment, then attitude then skills”. If we are comparing creativity against being punctual and respecting deadlines, I would never compromise the latter. I’ve been a businessman long enough to know the value of commitment to deadlines, and that creative outcomes should fit within established guidelines. Do you remember your first client at Bebrand? Tell us more about your experience. Of course I do, one of our earliest was Egitalloyd Travel. They were just starting out, and so was Bebrand, and we found each other. It was a very pleasant experience, and they are still a client today, going strong for about 18 years. How did the services of Bebrand evolve over the course of 20 years? Since I come from a computer science background, when we first started Bebrand we focused on website development. As the years went by, the world started getting more exposed to digital advertising and social media, and it became vital. We began shapeshifting to fit the needs of our clients and stay on top of trends. Today, we offer the best of both worlds, providing a blend of services such as branding, digital advertising, production, media, magazines, events planning and coverage, while also upping our expertise on web development. You’ve been in the business for 20 years now, is there any advice you’d give to startup owners, or those who are planning on opening a new business on how to sustain themselves long-term? The one thing I think is crucial for long term sustainability is the reputation of your business, derived from your reputation as a person. The business community is very close-knit and word travels fast, I personally believe that maintaining an excellent reputation guarantees long-term sustainability more than that provided by money or expertise, those things can be gained over time, but your reputation has to be built. What was your happiest, most precious moment at Bebrand? The creation of Niche magazine. Niche magazine is my proudest creation so far, having developed a top-line luxury and lifestyle magazine with no other competitors that can go head-to-head with it. 2020 also marks 20 years of Bebrand and 10 years of Niche magazine, and I'm the very proud father of both.