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An award of recognition and luxury is ready to be uncovered in 2024 by Niche Magazine. Niche Awards, which was first launched in 2018, is ready to take the lead in its sixth edition with Kyious Statuette that honors different business industries and individuals. Aiming to reflect success in several fields, all nominees are special in their own way. 


The statuette of luxury Kyious says it all about our nominees, sponsors, and celebrities. Each detail symbolizes a spectacular exclusive characteristic. Crowned with the head of Kyia, it represents wisdom, loyalty, passion, and kindness. The wings of Horus represent power, worth, strength, and purity. The body symbol of greatness is for royalty, capability, and mightiness. Merged together crafting Kyious, the statuette with its prestigious outcome adding royalty to our night symbolizes premium and leadership for all representatives reflecting the power of history across centuries presented to our beloved nominees, sponsors, ambassador, and celebrities. 


Celebrating Spectacular Sixth edition, Niche Magazine guarantees a supreme night of heartwarming moments of honor through numerous methods. Starting with our sponsors, they help empower Niche Awards allowing it to shine. Our Ambassador proudly serves as an inspiration to others. The celebrities joining us on this spectacular night help promote positive change and inspire others around them. Last but not least, industry leaders are the ones who were able to create masterpieces encouraging innovation through a secret recipe of success and style. 


As the venue has been decided to be located in the heart of Cairo to reflect history from different aspects, it has been chosen to be Cairo Marriott Hotel at El Zamalek on the 1st of June 2024. Cairo Marriott Hotel was originally constructed as a visitor’s palace that provides its guests royal treatment for decades.   


Niche Awards Spectacular Sixth edition by Niche Magazine with all its details that matter is ready for an exceptional takeoff with Horus Wings of Achievement and Kyious luxurious and royal appeal. Niche Magazine promises a night to remember for all, not just for the exceptional nominees, but for the entire community that values creativity, commitment, and the pursuit of excellence. The event will feature breathtaking performances, entertaining activities, and insightful interviews at a venue that will leave a lasting impact, showcasing a blend of history and luxury to create a truly spectacular and unforgettable experience reflecting the meaning of Spectacular Sixth. 


    Queen of Luxury 2024

    BebrandBebrandNovember 5, 2023

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